Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Yes, I rode to work today.

And, it was a chilly morning. Of course, what is chilly is rather relative. Before long I will look on a day in the 50 degree Fahrenheit range as a warm day.

When those days arrive it will be only the Symba or my Kymco and the Vulcan in the parking area. There is a possibility Deputy D may join us. We will see. He has been a regular rider since last January. I suspect it will depend on what kind of a winter we have. So far this year I've missed only a hand full of days, but it has been quite the unusual year. In the past when it gets really cold the Vulcan stays home leaving my Symba all alone. What about Deputy D? What will be his "stay at home" point?

In the past I've managed the cold pretty well. It is snow and ice that puts me back in a cage and dreaming of a Ural.
  • 53F/12C and a few clouds for the ride in.
  • 76F/24C and a wee bit cloudy for the home ride.

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