Wednesday, October 24, 2012

He Is Still Riding To Work

Yes, I rode to work today.

And, summer decided to pay a visit.

I saw lots of bikes out today. I can't say I was surprised.

Once again the day began with a stunning sunrise.

Deputy D's red Fly 150 scooter has been missing from the parking area for some time now. I'd seen him around the Courthouse, but hadn't a chance to ask what was up with that. Today I found out. He is still riding, but has been transferred over to the Civil Courts Building. The Deputies have a parking area available to them next to the Civil Courthouse and he has been parking there. I'm glad to know he is still riding riding to work.

Saw some interesting clouds on the home ride.

And, the moon was having trouble waiting its turn.

As I rode into the sunset, I noticed others leaving on a jet plane.

I was glad to be soon home.
  • 66F/19C with a few clouds for the ride to work.
  • 81F/27C and plenty clear enough for the home ride. 


  1. 81???

    My childhood memories of sweating inside my Halloween mask are coming back to haunt me.

    The moon in a blue sky is one of my favorite things to see.

    1. Yep, 81. And, tomorrow night freeze warnings. Tis' the season of big temperature swings. Oh well, enjoying the time before the cold front wanders in.