Thursday, December 6, 2012

Little Things

Yes, I rode today.

I managed to leave a little earlier this morning. This took care of the sun in the eyes problem. But, for every solution there is a problem. In this case I missed the kids waving at me while they wait at the bus stops.

Little things make up my commutes. Leave a little early and the neighborhoods aren't the same. The rhythms are different.

Today was a different day altogether. I left work early. Heather was going to the eye doctor. I took a few hours vacation time and played chauver for her "nothing but pupils" self.

This had me leaving Downtown at lunchtime.

I had wondered what had happen to him. The saxophone player I used to see when I walked to lunch had gone missing awhile ago. Stuff changes and I hadn't given it much thought. As I passed by the new pizza place/sports bar there he was. Apparently, this is a better corner.

Yes, it is the little things which make my commute special.
  • 38F/3C with a few clouds for the ride to work
  • 50F/10C and overcast around noontime for the home ride.


  1. There are things that make me miss big cities. This is one of those things.

    1. We don't have many street performers here. Honestly, I thought he'd given up. I'm glad I was wrong.

  2. Working in downtown Mpls for 15 years was interesting in many ways, the street musicians one of the much better ones.

    Two of our daughters are professional string players and one of them tried it on the street one day; the scariest and most fun thing she'd done at the same time.

    I was absolutely captivated by a sax player in Edinburgh, sharing too much of my employers' daily expense allowance with him.