Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Yes, I rode to work today.

And there were still clouds to the east.

But to the west there was blue sky.

By lunchtime there were blue skies over head, but to west it looked like something might be brewing.

Sure enough just before quitting time we had a little shower.

By the time I walked out of the Courthouse it had blown through.

It wasn't clear sailing though. I had to wait for this vehicle to pass. I think its top speed was slightly slower than walking.

I rode home under clearing skies.

When I got home I found it hadn't even rained there. I grabbed my skates and headed for the trail. I did 7mi at a nice easy 9.5mph. I rode to work and got to inline skate. Life is good.

Tomorrow is Harry Truman's Birthday. It is a State of Missouri holiday which means I'm off work. It is one of my favorite holidays because everything even the banks are open. I've got lots of errands planned.
  • 60F/16C and cloudy for the ride to work.
  • 79F/26C and clearing as I rode home.


  1. Lovely clouds in last photo!

    1. Martha,
      Thank you. The day was pretty much about clouds. The sky put on a wonderful show.

  2. It is nice you had some blue sky, but I really like the ominous cloud photos too.