Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Good Day

Yes, I rode to work today

But . . .

I did it later than normal. The morning brought first a dentist appointment for a cleaning and a routine exam. All went well there. Then it was on to the doctor for my annual physical. So far everything has gone well with this appointment as well. He was pleased with my 25lb weight loss and my improved blood pressure. Tomorrow I will get the results on cholesterol. Honestly I'm not expecting such good results. Both my sister and dad had high numbers before medication as did I. Then the question will be what to do about it. I was on statins for a number of years and experienced a lot of muscle and joint stiffness which disappeared when I went off. I'm not excited about a return performance. As my doctor said, perhaps with the changes I've made in diet the conversation won't be necessary.

My doctor, also, wanted to know how I was dealing with stress and managing my anxiety. Since the head injury I've been more than a little stress intolerant and subject to emotional and cognitive meltdowns. I reminded him I do very well when my environments stay reasonably stable. I went on to share with him how nearly all my environments with the exception of relationship have been turned upside down since I'd seen him last. That's the bad news. The good news is I was there in his office not being the one bringing up my issues with stress and anxiety. I figure this means I'm doing pretty darn good.

Because I did ride in later I rode in daylight again. I decided not to take my camera and of course I saw a great photo op, but I must say I think it was one of those which needed to get away. There was sewer work going on at one of the major intersections. The workers had cut a square hole in the pavement. I came to a stop next to the hole to wait for the light to change. I glanced into the hole and glimpsed a piece of St.Louis history. Apparently this was once a streetcar route. There exposed once again to the light of day was one of the rails. Also visible was a layer of cobblestone. The cobblestone and the rail were under about of foot of pavement. There are times as I ride through the older parts of the City when a sight will nearly draw me back in time. This was one of those moments.  I could see Route 66 in its day of using this road. I could wonder how many the kisses stolen on the streetcar. I could sense the echo of a once pulsing thriving overcrowded City. I could just simply wonder. I'm afraid a photo would have just looked like a layer cake.

Later as I was putting on my gear to leave work I glanced out the window and saw sunset and angles. I did have my smartphone with me. This is the photo I was meant to find today.

It was a great day.

  • 40F/4C and overcast for the ride in.
  • 35F/2C and partly cloudy for the home ride.


  1. Congratulations on the 25 pound loss!

    That really was a very special scene you saw today. It would have been nice to photograph it, but reading about it and imagining it feels just right. Thanks.

  2. Glad things went well at your appointment.

    What a great surprise to see the cobblestones. Who knows what is lurking under our current streets.

    Great view from the office window.