Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Dusting

I didn't ride today.

We did get the predicted dusting of snow.

It snowed on and off during much of the morning.

By evening the roads were all clear and dry.

And what of tomorrow. The National Weather Service says it will be, "Cold." We all now "Cold" is a relative term.

It was 23F/-5C and light snow in the morning. It didn't warm up today. It actually was a little cooler when it was time to head for home.


  1. What is the cool building in the second pic? You've probably posted it before, but I don't recall seeing it. Too much snow to the east and not enough to the west.

    1. That is St.Louis City Hall. It has been in other photos, but this one was almost a postcard, yes? It's the view out of my supervisors window.

      More info on the building here:

  2. With a dusting of snow, it was probably for the best not to ride.

    City hall does look pretty cool.