Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mostly Dry, But Bill Is On Its Way

Yes, I rode to work today.

And . . .

I rode to work yesterday, International Ride to Work Day.

Alas, I was the only one. Chieftain Rider wasn't at work or I'm sure he would have rode.

He did today and there was a much greater chance of rain than yesterday.

I started my ride in a light rain.

But, by the time I got Downtown the the streets were almost dry.

It rained heavily during the afternoon, heavy enough to cause a rain delay in the Cardinals' baseball game. They were able to finish the game eventually with just enough of a delay to put me in post-game traffic.

It was good of the rain to pause long enough for those parked away from the Ballpark to be able to make to their cars without getting drenched.

I did get sprinkled on during the ride home.

But, I'd call it a dry ride.

  • 75F/24C with a light rain to start off, but a mostly dry ride to work.
  • 79/26CF and hardly a sprinkle for the home ride.


  1. A sprinkle or two isn't bad. I'd much rather ride in the rain than game day traffic.

    1. Indeed, the beer doth flow at the game. I was glad when I was out of Downtown and into the neighborhoods. Felt much safer.