Monday, June 29, 2015

Once Again ...

Yes, I rode to work today.

And . . .

I rode all last week, too.

The story of last week was rain.

That said, once again I pretty much avoided the rain. There was only one day where my gear setup was tested. It passed.

Last night we had hail.

It was big enough and heavy enough to bring leaves down from the trees, but not big enough to do any damage to my car.

This morning was beautiful, a smile after the storm.

  • 70F/21C with plentiful sunshine for the ride in.   
  • 85F/29C and some clouds for the home ride.


  1. Your area must be lush with plant life, too. I can't complain about the early summer weather. Talk about evolution- I have found myself looking forward to the 60s and 50s at night after being "wilted" by 80 degrees. I think the process is nearly complete.

    1. Yes, we are verdant! So many different shades of green.

      I get the "getting used to." I never thought we wouldn't feel the need to turn on the A/C when it was in the upper 80's, but now it ain't bad if there's low humidity. Amazing how that works.

  2. You're really seeing the weather this spring/summer so far. Wanna switch? We'll take some of that rain.

    10 day forecast is no rain in sight and no day under 90˚

    1. We're back to rain the next few days, but the temperatures are lower. It has been a mild and wet Spring and early Summer. I'm not complaining.