Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Can One Really Have Too Many Helmets?

Yes, I rode to work today.

It was snowing as I prepared to leave this morning.

It was hardly a dusting and nothing much was sticking to the ground.
There was some snow on the cars and a little on the edges of the leaves on the ground. The ground itself was too warm for the snow to dwell there. This was one of those morning when bridges and overpasses couldn't be taken lightly, but the streets were barely wet in most places.
I had a doctor's appointment in the afternoon and left work early. By then the sky was cloudless and blue. I rode home switched from bike to car.

I found myself behind this fellow on my way home the the doctor's. I guess this is his answer to the question: Where do I put these leaves now that I raked them up and loaded them in this trailer? You drive around until they all blow out of the trailer and become someone else's problem.

I switched back from car to Symba and went for a nice little ride up to Cycle Gear and bought a new helmet. It seems of the two motoX helmets I owned one had too short of nose to accommodate my Fog eVader and the other didn't work with my ESS Protective Goggles. Now I have a helmet that works with this combination. Oh well, can one really have too many helmets?

  • 30F/-1C with light snow for the ride to work.
  • 38F/3C and sunny for the first ride home.
  • 36F/2C and still sunny for my adventure to Cyclegear and back.


  1. No, you cannot have enough helmets. I usually have two, although I am know to have only one head.

  2. Good laugh on the leaves comment! And yes, you can have too many helmets! Three I don't like!