Tuesday, December 20, 2011

No Santa

Yes, I rode to work today.

I have friends who seem to have much more exciting commutes than I ever do. Nearly every one of their rides seems filled with drama. Mine are usually boring and I like it that way. Sure I have the occasional person pass me on the right where there is no lane. Of course, I have the unannounced U turn from time to time. And, what moto-commuter doesn't have those pesky left turn in front of you-ers. But, close calls are very very rare. That said, I did have some excitement on my ride to work this morning, but just a little. Truthfully, I can't even call today's near encounter of the unwanted kind a close call. I had noticed the truck behind me in my mirrors and had it marked as a potential problem. When we reached a stoplight he pulled up next to me in the right turn only lane. I was going to go straight. I kind of suspected he wanted to zip around me when the light changed, but when the light changed he didn't move. I thought to myself, "Maybe I was wrong about him." Ah, but I wasn't. I suspect he wasn't paying attention when the light changed, or maybe he was texting. When he did realize the light had changed he gunned his pick-up truck and did the maneuver I had expected from him, but since he got a late start and there were cars parked in his made up lane he had to cut in more quickly than he'd anticipated. If I hadn't been paying attention and braked he'd have nailed me. As it was, it wasn't all that close. I wouldn't even have mentioned the episode if the driver hadn't been wearing a Santa suit. Yes, I got cut off by Santa. Oh well, 'tis the season.

Today was pretty warm but it was dreary.

When I went for my lunchtime walk it was misting. It was that kind of mist that leaves little droplets on one's glasses, but you have to be out in for quite a while to get wet.
The fog was thicker by the River.

The Arch could hardly be seen.

After work the mist had stopped but the clouds were hanging low.

The ride home was back to being boring and uneventful. No Santa.

  • 47F/8C with a light mist for the ride to work.
  • 48F/9C and dark but not moist for the ride home.


  1. Tiny: I'm glad you enjoyed the story. Thanks for taking the time to read my stuff and especially for commenting.