Thursday, January 12, 2012

Today It Was Snow

Nope, I didn't ride to work today.

It snowed.

My car got to go to work. It was the first time since last March.
It really wasn't much of a snow, but enough to close some of the major highways due to accidents.

I followed the same route to work in the car that I do when I ride. I had no problems. I encountered no crazy drivers. It just took me a little longer to get to work.

Walking from the car parking lot took me past different sights. This is City Hall in the foreground, with the Civil Courthouse and the AT&T building in the background.
And, past some familiar sights. Last evening from this spot I took a photo looking over the Symba's windscreen. Last night it was rain. Today it is snow.
This wasn't a pretty snow.

I wouldn't start to look pretty until after the sun turned off the lights for the night.
At lunchtime hardly anyone was out.

The streets were nearly deserted.
But, the Jimmy John's Sandwich guy was still out making "freaky fast" deliveries. He wasn't the only bicyclist I saw out. On the way home I saw a couple of commuters headed home. I didn't see any motorcycles or scooters, but Jeff over at Maplewood Scooter Company sent me a photo of a guy riding his Genuine Rattler by the shop. He may have been the only two wheeled motorized vehicle out and about today.
The drive home was slow. Traffic was heavier than normal. I think some folks decided to try the back ways after all the chaos on the freeways during morning rush hour.

When I ride this intersection is out of my way, but when I drive it is the way out of the parking lot.

It snowed all the way home.
From the look of the streets I suspect I will be driving again tomorrow.

  • 20F/-7C with light snow for the drive to work.
  • 17F/-8C with light snow and wind gusts up to 40mph for the drive home.


  1. Your City Hall is a magnificent looking building! I have to look that up! Thanks for the mini-tour!

    1. I agree. City Hall is a treasure of a building. There is interesting mural inside. I think it was more of a tourist destination before this era of increased security. Oh well.

  2. Well, you do the smart thing. I was worried you would chose to ride no matter what ;-)
    Snow is heading to our neck of the woods as well. Brrr.

    1. I attempt to take risk management very seriously. I have much to live for.

      Thanks for your concern and for you comment. Spring is getting closer everyday.