Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Yes, I rode to work today.

It was another beautiful summer day here in the Lou. Oh wait....it's only March. It is difficult to remember it is only March. Even the Newspaper is reminding folks it is only March. Click here to see an article geared to gardeners.

We live in a condo and have no garden of our own, but still there are ways to grow a thing or two. Goldilocks had these pots full of bulbs in the refrigerator over the winter. She took them out over a week ago and placed them on the kitchen counter. Only the one that had started growing while it was still in the "frig" has shown signs of life.

I'm sure my suggestion the squirrels ate the blubs wouldn't be welcome. Although the reason the counter is filled with pots is because of our resident four-legged varmint.

Our cat was hit by a car before he came to us. He still has some nerve damage in his back legs. Making the counter is a challenge he avoids unless there is something of great interest up there...like potted plants and then he is up to it....unless someone has set some booby-traps. But, whoever would do such a thing? Goldilocks can be very protective of her little green babies. Enough said.

  • 51F/11C with a few clouds for the ride to work.
  • 81F/27C and clear as a bell for the ride home.

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