Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Record

Yes, I rode to work today.

And, we set a record. Today was the eleventh day we were over 105F/41C. The old record was ten days set in 1936. It would have been 107F/41.6C when I normally ride home, but today I left around noon. It was only 101F/38.3C then.

Today Heather had a routine eye exam. It included pupil dilation and I took the afternoon off to be her chauffeur. While we were sitting in the waiting area the woman sitting next to me asked if I rode a motorcycle. It turns out she is one of the bus drivers I play tag with during my morning commute. I was incredulous over her recognizing me until she mentioned the green flag. That would be me. She recognized my face! Amazing. I admit I didn't recognize her.

There were major cut backs in the bus service a few years ago. I used to wave and exchange friendly honks with the woman who drove the revised route. Now, with the bus service being reinstated I'd not seen "my driver" for months. I found out today I haven't seen her because she has a later route. You can bet I will be looking for my new friend tomorrow.
  • 87F/31C and not a cloud in the sky for the ride to work.
  • 101F/38C and a few clouds for the home ride.


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    1. Good to hear from you Roger. I'm glad to know I was right about it being hot. Thanks for confirming it.