Monday, August 13, 2012

School Beginning

Yes, I rode to work today.

And, the weather was simply a delight--a cool crisp morning and a cloudy, mild afternoon.

Also, I cannot get used to school beginning in August.

Today there seemed to be school buses everywhere. It may have just been me, but it seemed there were more children waiting for buses than last year. Then again, beginnings now always come to me as strangers. Perhaps in the days to come as I befriend this new situation I will note its familiarity. I may come to think it has always been so.

Sadly, I didn't see the woman I noticed last school year, she who walked behind her boys as they went to the bus stop. She certainly kept them under her watchful eye. I know she hasn't moved. I've seen her tending her flower garden. Maybe her boys are going to a different school. Maybe the bus route has changed. If so, I will miss observing her diligent act of caring.

  • 68F/20C and partly cloudy for the ride to work.
  • 77F/25C and overcast for the home ride.

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