Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Today There Were Four Of Us

Yes, I rode to work today.

And, the weather continues to be wonderful. We might even get some rain tomorrow.

Life in the neighborhoods I commute through seems to be settling down. It seems the pattern for this school season is beginning to take hold. No longer are there intersections with kids waiting for the school bus on all four corners. It will be a while yet before I have a handle on the bus routes, but it's coming.

Although, the Symba will continue to be my primary ride to work choice I want the new Kymco to be an option. The Symba has a very nice sticker on its right front fork proclaiming its right to park in the Motorcycle Parking Area. The Kymco needed one, too.

Gratuitous People 250S Photo. Taken this evening shortly after I put on the license plate.
I went to the Facilities Management Office this morning to get a parking permit for the Kymco. I found out one no longer needs a permit. Permits were the idea of a former Presiding Judge. The last couple of Presiding Judges didn't think it was necessary. I suspect their opinion is true. There are only a few of us using the parking area now.  I suspect the policy came about because of the last big scooter sales explosion. When I first started riding to work, if the weather was like today there could be fifteen or even twenty motorcycles and scooters packed in the area. Today there were four of us: A Harley, a Vulcan, a Piaiggo Fly, and my Symba. The most I've seen in the area this summer was seven.
  • 65F/18C with a few clouds for the ride to work.
  • 91F/33C and partly cloudy, but still lots of sunshine for the home ride.


  1. Funny that even in times of high gas prices people still don't get it. If it weren't for the occasional trips to get my hubby to and from the airport I wouldn't even own a car.

    1. I am certainly glad to be able to ride as many days as I do. I'm glad to have the car for snow. I'd love to have Ural, but my Yaris gets better mileage than a Ural. Oh well.