Friday, December 7, 2012

It Never Materialized

Yes, I rode to work today.

Again, I didn't have a problem with the sun being in my eyes. It was cloudy.

And, it was foggy Downtown. There was talk of rain. It never materialized.

Early in the work day I had an encounter with the Deputy who wears the chrome half helmet and rides a 49cc Kymco. I asked him how his day was going. "Well, to give you an idea of how pathetic my life is the morning commute is the highpoint of my day." Hmm, I don't think my life is pathetic and my morning commute is always one of the highlights of my day. I decided it was probably best to just keep this to myself and nod knowingly.
  • 49F/9C and overcast for my ride to ride.
  • 50F/10C and I'm assuming still overcast for my home ride.


  1. What a sad comment. My commute is the best part of the work day, especially the ride home when I roll down the hill into town with view on the mountains and water. Nothing pathetic about that ;-)

    1. I always find it sad when someone seems to really dislike their jobs. I wonder how they let themselves get trapped.

      In this case, I suspect once upon a time he liked what he was doing. Then he got transferred to something else within the Department. And, now he's holding on to retire and get his pension. I hope I don't ever feel tempted to put my life on hold like that.