Monday, April 15, 2013

I Forgot

Yes, I rode to work today.

And, I left my camera on my desk. This means for the second week in a row there is no "first photo" of the week. Last week I just plain forgot to do it. Memory is one of the things I notice changing as I age. Names. I used to be so very good with names. Now? Now it is a sometime thing. I find myself at times not being able to remember people's names who I know and know well. Yes, this aging thing is an adventure. That said, today it had more to do with being rushed out of my work space by people coming to clean the carpet. Hopefully, my camera will still be on my desk when I get in tomorrow.

This morning when I checked The Weather Channel it told me to, "Expect Dry Conditions for the Next Six  Hours." Fortunately, I look at other sources and didn't believe them. I rode to work in a nice light rain, which I was dressed for. It rained on and off all morning and into the afternoon.

At lunchtime, between showers, I noticed some people sitting on the benches in front of 1010 Market.

When it's warm there are people on every bench. Even though we have had some warm days, this is the first time I've noticed anyone other than smokers sitting out. I wonder if it is the tulips blooming that called to them.

I had a nice dry ride home. It looks like tomorrow will be a repeat of today, scattered showers with possible thunderstorms.
  • 60F/16C with a nice steady light rain for the ride to work.
  • 69F/21C and overcast for the home ride.


  1. If the sun ever really comes out here I may drop to my knees and weep. THIS is why I left the PNW and won't go back!

    I began life as a very visual person. Then I had to get less so and go about this other life. In the past several years I find myself going back to that state of wanting to utter few words and just look around. When asked to concentrate, it just doesn't seem important. BAD for employment, by the way :#^.

    1. Martha,
      I was surprised to see the sun today. Tomorrow is supposed to be a real soaker, but they missed far.

      I've always been very kinesthetic. I love physical activity. As I've aged there has been a tilting more toward visual. I've become much more a watcher. I tend less to just put my head down and go.

  2. Such pretty tulips they are too.

    I hate it when the memory decides to forget certain things. Once I hit 40 I had more memory issues than I used to. Brad tried to warn me and I laughed until I got to 40 then I knew what he was talking about.

    I was going to say something else, but I forgot what it was.

    1. Brandy,
      With my head injury history it has been a wee challenge knowing what is natural aging and what is an outgrowth of the multiple concussions. Still, at work, I'm the one with the best memory. It seems to me it seldom helps to compare ones performance to others, but especially when it comes to aging. Here it is all about how I am now and I am different. In some ways better and in some ways, like my memory, not better.

      The tulips are pretty and I'm very much enjoying them this year. I don't remember there being so many last year. Perhaps I was staying in more.

  3. Keith:

    as you age, you have to remember to carry a pad of paper and a pen so you can write down what you went downstairs for . . .

    I have also been know to go to the grocery story and buy lots of stuff and then when I get home I am asked "where is the milk?"

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. For a number of years after my last concussions I had to write everything I did in a notebook in case I had one of my "episodes". My episodes can wipe hours and even a whole day from my memory. I don't do that anymore. It was a real pain and necessary then. Now, I know pretty much what triggers me and do my best to avoid those situations. Having a bunch of carpet cleaners suddenly descent on my work area unannounced just as I'm packing up to leave was a dangerous situation for me. I am very grateful I forgot only my camera :^)

  4. Memory is an odd thing and I certainly see it changing as I approach middle age (that's 60 right?). Photographs and notations in my journal are essential elements these days of memory. Without them my memories are neither rich or accurate.

    Hope some clearer weather comes your way soon.

    Steve Williams
    Scooter in the Sticks

    1. Steve,
      I'm pretty sure my blogs are about "keeping track" of things. Especially this blog, challenges me to pay better attention to my day.

      I've never been one to notice the big decade birthdays. I thought sixty might be an exception, but it turned out to be pretty much just another birthday...if I remember correctly it has been a couple of years since I passed that milestone.

      Thanks for stopping by. I was glad to see the Vespa back on the road even if it was only for an extended moment.