Thursday, May 23, 2013


Yes, I rode to work today.

Some forecasters were calling for rain today and it certainly was cloudy for the ride in.

The Vulcan rides in the rain and the Yamaha is new to the lot. I don't even know who rides it. I do know the Harleys don't do rain. Again, the forecast according to the Harleys was for dry pavement. And they were mostly right. There were a few little rain showers, but not very much. And what showers there were, were very spotty.

One of the things I love about riding is the things I wouldn't notice if I was in my car. An example of this happened on my ride home tonight.

As I was waiting at a light I saw this small area of broken pavement.

I zoomed in to try and give you an idea of what I saw. Can you see the ripples of the water standing in the little pool left from the earlier rains? I hope you can make it out. Every time a car passed over it the water would dance. It was really quite delightful. I have no doubt I wouldn't have noticed it if I was driving.

I know some riders ride to travel and see the world. I enjoy reading their blogs as they ride all over the planet. I, too, ride to see the world, but it is the world which pulses and ripples all around me day after day after day...everyday.
  • 62F/17C and mostly cloudy for the ride to work.
  • 64F/18C with a sprinkle or two for the home ride.

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  1. Sometimes it is the little things isn't it?

    When riding we often spot birds on wires or other things and try to point them out to other riders and they just look at us funny. It is amazing what we see when we open our eyes and look.