Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I Am Pleased.

Yes, I rode to work today.

And . . .

It was the first ride with the new Hippo Hands.

Someone asked if the Hippo Hands were awkward. They are fine moving. It is very easy to get my hands in and out. There is lots of room inside the muff to deal with the controls easily. I have found one time when they are awkward. They are awkward in the garage as I manipulate Miss Billie back in her wee space in front of Heather's car.

As you can see the morning brought sunshine, but the afternoon brought clouds. I was surprised to experience a few raindrops on the way home. I was also surprised when I had to turn off the heated grips because my hands were too warm. What gloves did I have on? My light weight gloves with silk liners.

I am pleased.

  • 38F/3C with some clouds for the ride to work.
  • 47F/8C with a few sprinkles for the home ride.


  1. You know the hippo hands are a good thing when you have to turn your heated grips off.

    Brad found hippo hands an inconvenience in the rain when he'd have to pull a hand out to wipe his helmet visor. At speeds it was hard to get the hand back in the hippo sleeve with them flapping. The ones he had were not quite rigid enough to stay open.

    1. Well, I suspect I won't be having the problem of the Hippo Hands flapping at speeds. We are talking Billie here :^) Did he have the actual Hippo Hands product? I've heard of that happening more with other brands of handlebar mitts. It is one of the reasons I spent a little more and got the real deal.

  2. Keith, you are pleased and I am jealous. I think I'll go the Gerbing route with heated gloves. Bob got me to blow the toy budget on a Lumix Camera though, so I'll have to put up with cold hands for the rest of the season.

    1. Lots of folks like the heated gloves. As you know with my cc's I have to be careful and this setup seems to be working
      well. Tomorrow morning ride may be in below freezing. I'm excited :^)