Friday, October 25, 2013

I Wasn't Surprised

Yes, I rode to work today.

And . . .

We experienced our first frost of the season. It was on the car windows. This was the first of this season's days I didn't have to scrape my car windows because I ride to work.

The frost also covered the grass in the clearings of Tower Grove Park.

As the sun appeared it made the still mostly green leaves look much more Autumn-ish than they did just moments before.

When I got to work I wasn't surprised to find no other riders.

On the way home I did meet up with a deputy who rides a 50cc Kymco scooter. He parks in a different area. He rides most days I do. He once told me, "The way I look at it, every day I ride it lets my wife sleep in." I have no idea how one leads to the other, but it seemed so sweet I didn't want to ask. Today she got to sleep in.

  • 30F/-1C and clear for the ride to work.
  • 54F/12C with a few clouds for the home ride.


  1. I have no idea about the frost. I have a garage again!

    Pretty photo with the golden fence.

    1. Heather's car has the garage. Mine is on the street.

      I love how the light plays this time of year. I just had to pull over and be a witness to the sun dancing on that gate. I'm grateful it turned out.

  2. And while your got your first frost, we had temps in the high twenties (26C / 78.8F) today...

    1. Sonja,
      I figured you start having marvelous weather during your work week. That seems to be how it works :^)