Friday, December 20, 2013

Vacation Day

Nope, I didn't ride to work today

But . . .

I did ride.

I took a vacation day. It's been scheduled for nearly a month, but I couldn't have picked better. When I got around to leaving my garage the temperature was 60F/16C. A couple hours later when I returned it was 70F/21C. Soon after I got home the temperatures began to drop. It looks to be a cold and rainy weekend with even some snow mixed in by Sunday. But, today was scrumptious.

Where did I go? I went to visit the Liberty Tree.

Here it is:

And here's its story:

It is located in Bee Tree Park.

Bee Tree Park is a walking park. The trails aren't long, but there are a couple of nice overlooks of the Mississippi River.

And, yes, my alley finally thawed out.


  1. Maybe Spring has sprung for you! Maybe that little bit was it (you can always hope)

    1. Back to winter feeling temperatures for us. Short lived reprieve. That's the way of it here: up and down.

  2. Seventy degrees! That's just not festive at all for this time of year. We might see 60 over the weekend. So much for a snowy Christmas.

    1. It's back to being cold. We may have single digits tonight. What fun.

      Doesn't look like a White Christmas here.

  3. Isn't it great to sneak in a ride on an unexpected day like this?

    Glad you got to get out and enjoy!

    Happy Holidays to you and yours!

    1. Happy Holidays, Deb!

      It was really good to bet the Kymco out. It has been sorely ignored.