Friday, January 3, 2014

Stay Tuned.

Nope, I didn't ride to work today.

And . . .

It was one of those on the edge days. It was one of those days when, yes, a third wheel would have taken all the guess work out of the decision. I've ridden on days like this before, but usually later in the season when there was more light. It just seemed it was wise to let it be a drive day.

I did see one scooter on my way into work. It looked to be a 50cc Chinese scoot. I, also, saw some places that looked very slick. I'm good with my decision to drive.

There are big weather rumblings. Stay tuned.

It was 6F/-14C for my walk from the parking lot to the Courthouse. It had warmed up to 28F/-2C when I left for home, but there was wind. I didn't feel that warm. Actually, they tell me it felt more like 7F/-14C. I can believe that. If anything it felt a wee bit colder tonight than this morning.


  1. Keep us updated on that weather, neighbor!

  2. Always best to heed those little voices in your head telling you not to ride.

    Hope those weather rumblings go away and they were just rumblings.

  3. Slick as chicken snot, eh? LOL