Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Yes, I rode to work today.

And . . .

It was another beautiful Spring day.

I was back on Billie today. The evening commute brought some excitement.

In the evening I seldom do a walk around. I do that in the morning. I know I should do it in the evening, too, but, I don't. When I went to engage the turn signal for the first time on the ride home nothing happened. It was then I noticed the little lights indicating my fuel level weren't working either. I tried the horn...nothing. I reached my hand out front of the bike and was relieved to find I still had a working headlight. I rode home using hand signals, including the one for indicating I was stopping. I suspected I might not have a tail light or brake light. When I got home and checked the lights before I shut off the bike, I found what I suspected was true. All I had was a headlight

I turned the bike off and called Mike. He told me to re-start the bike. I did. Everything worked. I told him I knew he was good, but I hadn't expected him to fix via the phone. He laughed. He told me my ignition is probably dirty or wearing out. If/when it happens again to try giggling the key. The Symba is getting close to time for routine service. I guess that will happen sooner rather than later.

  • 49F/9C and partly cloudy for the ride to work.
  • 64F/18C and overcast for the home ride.


  1. I guess the Symba is like a computer. Have you tried turning it off and on? Isn't that the mantra of all IT guys?

    So happy to see the spring blooms and colors in your area now.

    1. I thought of the same IT connection. Yep, that's the first question, "Did you reboot?"

  2. Unfortunately, thats the way things are these days. If it doesn't work, reboot.…

    You could try spraying some contact cleaner inside the switch and turn the key a dozen times or so to clean the contacts inside the switch.

    1. Richard,
      Thanks for the advice. I may try that. Can't hurt :^)

  3. Hi Keith ,
    Riding season is on us mate...although weather don't stop you!
    Great earth alive picture of growing bloom...lovely stuff mate.

    1. Glad to hear riding season has arrived for you. We are lucky here to have so many days we can ride. This year was a tough year. The car saw the parking lot at work a lot more than it has in the past.

      Ride on, Len, ride on!