Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Yes, I rode to work today.

It was my Monday. And even though it was Wednesday, it felt every bit like a Monday.

The weather was stunning.

Lots of scooters, motorcycles, and bicycles were out.

After work I made it a point to stop take some photos of these trees I've been admiring on my commutes the last week and a half.

Heather tells me they are star magnolias.

I just know they are beautiful.

Are these plum blossoms?

I'm pretty sure these are ornamental pear blossoms, but I mostly liked the way the shadows played on the light pole.

More beautiful weather on tap for tomorrow. I like this.

  • 39F/4C and fair for my ride to work.
  • 68F/20C with a few clouds for the ride home.


  1. I can't help you with the pear blossoms but you don't need me to know those trees are beautiful.

    1. Coop,
      They are beautiful indeed. Plum, pear, magnolia, dogwood, cherry, they are all blooming right now. It is quite the show.

  2. Wow. You are at peak flowering tree time! I always associate StL with magnolias.

    1. Martha,
      It is marvelous! Until this year I didn't know there was a Star Magnolia. Now I see them everywhere. What a stunning blossom!

  3. Such beautiful blooms. We have a star magnolia in the yard but it isn't as big as that beauty.

    I think that is a plum. Cherries seem to bloom in clumps more towards the end of the branches and in clumps and plums seem to bloom along the wood. Most pink blooms this time of year are one or the other.

    I can't say for sure, but I think it is a plum.

    1. Brandy,
      Heather thought plum as well.

      I think Star Magnolias are my new favorite blooming tree. They are just marvelous.

  4. I cannot really help with the determination of the blossoms but I also take a strong guess towards plum.

    1. Sonja,
      I think we are just going to call it a plum. What I know is this: It is pink and red and beautiful. That should be enough, yes?