Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Settling Into

Yes, I rode to work today.

And . . .

No, I haven't had a chance to tell the deputy he has an Aqua Pearl Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail. In my mind's eye I see me telling him and him responding in the voice of the cowpoke in the hot sauce commercial, but instead of yelling, "New York City!" he'll say, "Aqua Pearl!" Time will tell.

It was another beautiful day.

The morning commute wasn't as crazy. Hopefully folks are settling into their new schedules already.

 The days are obviously getting shorter.

There were no fire drills or evacuation of the building.

I had a meeting after work. No long way home.

Actually, I took the really short way home. I was so early there was no one sitting outside at this most excellent Italian restaurant. I'll bet later it was full. What a gorgeous night to eat under the stars.

  • 62F/17C and fair for the ride to work.
  • 82F/28C and hardly a cloud in the sky for the home ride.


  1. Beautiful blue skies you have there. And in the last photo, the streets almost look deserted...

    1. Lots of blue sky! And, I choose my routes to avoid as much traffic as possible. That said, there was much more traffic headed the direction I was going. The traffic in the morning would be going in the direction of the pickup truck, but I'm through there before it picks up. That's one of the reasons I don't go home that way even though it is quicker.

  2. I had to chuckle at the New York City/Aqua Pearl comment.

    I am still surprised the kids are back in school. 3 more weeks here and yet they are usually out the first or second week in June.

    Our streets will really get busy when 25,000 students return to OSU the beginning of October.

    1. Schools here didn't used to start until after Labor Day, but now that schools are air conditioned most districts have started earlier. If it wasn't for seeing the school buses out practicing their routes the school start would surprise me. I still can't get used to it starting so early.

      I bet the rhythm of your town really changes when the University is cooking.

  3. I like it when the commute is low key, makes the ride to work more palatable. Aqua pearl nice! According to Honda the colour of my bike is candy glory red.

    1. Just names they come up with for colors!

      I, too, like low key commutes. I work at making them as low key as I can. Of course, somethings are just out of ones control. Skill and route planning.