Thursday, November 20, 2014


Nope, I didn't ride today.

And . . .

I'm still driving and walking from the parking lot.

It feels very strange to not be riding.

It is a very strange time here in other ways as well.

It is difficult to describe the atmosphere here. And I don't mean the weather. It is like a cloud of anxiety has descended on us. Waiting. We are waiting for the announcement of a Grand Jury's decision as to the police officer involved in the shooting in Ferguson. Will they find cause for the matter to be bound over for trial. Or, will they decide the case doesn't have merit.

Waiting. I'm waiting for my mechanic to be able to repair my bike. Others could do it, but I'll wait for Mike. I have the Kymco, but I'm less adventurous with it in coldish weather than I am with the Symba. It is strange times when I'm not riding with the temperatures above 20F/-7C and the clear.


  • 22F/-5.5C and partly cloudy for my morning walk from the car.
  • 34F/1C and the stars were out for my ride home.


  1. I've been thinking about how the outcome will or will not come into your view. Such a terrible incident.

    Love the photo of the light thru the windows.

  2. The atmosphere must be palpable there. I too have been thinking of the situation.

    To me, a state of emergency being declared before the result of the Grand Jury makes me think it will be the case against the officers do not have merit. Of course working in a law office, I am a little cynical of the judicial system.