Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Gray St. Joseph's Day

Yes, I rode to work today.

And . . .

It was gray all day. The pavement was wet for the ride in, but the streets soon dried off.

The rain stayed to the north of us. The sun stayed somewhere.

Today is St.Joseph's Day. This is a big deal in some places, especially New Orleans. Here it is not.

I had my red on and spent the day wishing folks "Happy St. Joesph's Day." I would often add this, "May your home and hearth be blessed, and may those you love be safe and protected." One of the people I did this too is named Joseph. He didn't know anything about St.Joseph Day. I told him to Google it to find out more. He really was very excited. Here's some links if you're curious:

Wikipedia of course.

This one has recipes.

Another New Orleans party.

Enjoy and Happy St. Joseph's Day. May your home and hearth be blessed, and may those you love be safe and protected.

  • 40F/4C and gray for the ride to work.
  • 50F/10C and gray for the ride home.


  1. I love that. Wish I'd known earlier. I'd have impressed my workmates. Why red? And what's the glowy thingy around your neck?

    Joesph has been given an awful lot of responsibility.

    1. I don't know why red either. Yes, Joesph has been given lots of responsibilities. He's even been known to stand on his head to help people sell a house :^)

      The "glowy thingy" is my ID with two pens hooked over it.

  2. OK. Wiki didn't say WHY red, just that people wear it. And did you eat a zeppola? :^)

    1. No zeppola for me today. Heather loves them. She's at Taiko tonight or she might have at least make me watch her each a few.

  3. I learned something. I didn't know there was a St Joseph's Day.

    1. As I mentioned, most folks haven't heard of it. Actually, it makes it rather fun for me. Maybe next year I set up a "Table" of goodies ... or ... not :)

  4. How odd. You'd think if it was a thing in New Orleans, it would be a thing here too. But as far as I know, St-Joseph's day manages to slip by unnoticed here. Yet Montreal is home to St-Joseph's Oratory, one of the world's largest shrines.