Monday, March 2, 2015

Weather Roller Coaster

I didn't ride last Friday.

And ...

I don't know why. It was 3F/-16C when I went to work, but it warmed up nicely to 20F/-7C by time to leave. And, I must say I was wondering even more voraciously why I didn't ride when I neared the Scottrade Center. The crowd from the matinee performance of "Frozen" was letting out. I was walking against the flow of folks. Not my idea of a good time.

I didn't ride today either, but I knew why.

Over the weekend we did get the snow the forecaster said we might. We didn't get the ice which was also a possibility. I am always grateful to not get ice.

There is a chance of freezing rain tonight. Looks like I'll be driving again tomorrow even though it is supposed to warm up to 50F/10C by the afternoon. Alas, the warm up is to last only a day then back to snow and cold. We're on the weather roller coaster again.


  1. Messy and potentially dangerous weather on the way here, too. Tomorrow it starts. My weather radio mentions area reports and when I catch the report of StL weather I always wonder if you will ride.

  2. I wonder if that was your last snowfall of the year. Or is there more in the forecast? I am hoping to see some blooms in your pics soon.

  3. Hang in Keith. Spring is set to be sprung any day now.