Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yes, I rode today.

Garbage truck. This morning I found myself behind a garbage truck. I was about four cars behind the truck and there were cars behind me. The truck wasn't making stops to pick up refuse. It was just moving very slowly. Where did this truck come from? Two years I've been traveling this route and never before has there been a garbage truck. I guess I was just lucky today. If so, I hope I'm not so lucky again.

As I left the Courthouse this evening I noticed my Symba key wasn't on my key ring. I suspected I knew where it was and I was right. When I got to the Symba there it was proudly sticking in the ignition. Oh well, first time I've done that in quite awhile.

  • 46F (8C) & mostly cloudy* for the ride into work
  • 62F(17C) & mostly cloudy* for the ride home
*But, it was a rather sunny mostly cloudy.


  1. Very well, you're keeping it up for now. I couldn't ride today... it was one of those days when you simply can't fit it on a scooter (like picking up hubby from the airport with a bunch of luggage...)

  2. Those days happen, unless your Chris from MN. Then you pick up your spouse from the airport with your sidecar rig.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.