Monday, December 22, 2014


Still driving and doing my best to avoid Christmas.

Not easy when "Candy Cane Lane" is a half of a block from where I live.

This is my street. On the weekends they put sawhorses out to close our street off. It can be a real trick to get out at times.

This is what the lesser half of "Candy Cane Lane" looks like. Tonight poor Heather got caught in traffic trying to get onto this street. It took her twenty minutes to get to where she could turn in our alley and make it to the garage.

This is looking toward the East.

Even I will admit the sand sculpture of Santa Claus is pretty cool.

They do take donations. The Donations are all given to charity. Their hearts are in the right place.

I do hope you have a wonderful Hanukkah, Christmas, Yule, Kwanzaa, and New Year. I'm not trying to be political correct I have friends who find all of these a reason to celebrate this time of year. And, while I find the season a challenge I do appreciate the joy it brings.

Monday, December 8, 2014

A Little Tattered Around The Edges

Nope, I'm still not riding.

The Christmas Season is a time of fragility for me. At the best of times, it feels I'm paddling against strong currents. I'm greatly relieved when the hoopla subsides, the decorations are tucked away, and I can get in and out of my street after dark hassle free.

The Symba's non-repaired flat tire has become caught up in a tangle of stuff. None of the stuff is "big stuff".  I have no doubt there was a time I could have breezed through this thicket, taken it all in stride. Now, I have to be content to let things work themselves out. I know from the past if I try to push through moments like this, things tend to unravel and this can have most unpleasant consequences for me emotionally and cognitively.

So, I'm actively waiting for stuff to clear up, taking action when I can, and working at not beating myself up for not being better able to cope. Heather is letting me have my process. She, too, has learned the only way for me to get through some stuff is to go through it. I'm grateful to her for not rescuing me, but being there when I can articulate how she can be helpful.

There is a chance I won't be riding during the week until after the New Year. I hope this isn't the case, but only time will tell.

I am fine although a little tattered around the edges.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Be Safe, Please

Still not riding.

Today there was ice. I wouldn't have rode even if the Symba was available to me. I did get out for a ride yesterday on the Kymco. Yesterday it was 72F/22C . Today I had to clear an eighth of an inch of ice off my car windows.

The long Thanksgiving Day weekend brought more than its share of bad news.

First an update on the deputy who was injured when his house caught on fire. He died early Tuesday morning. I don't have an update on his wife.

And my blog world is smaller. Siobahn over at Scoot Commute was killed in an automobile accident the day before Thanksgiving. This woman rode in some of the most unbelievable conditions, conditions that made my hair curl. I'm in total shock. I thought about her today as I drove to work in conditions I know she has ridden in before. I can't say I was anymore careful, but I was certainly mindful of the fragility of life and perhaps a wee bit more grateful for making it to work unscathed. I will miss her posts. Her boyfriend of a number of years is talking of keeping the blog going.

I suspect I won't be riding for the rest of the week. It is a combination of weather and after work obligations for which the car will just work best.

This has been a very strange time with the deaths, the demonstrations, not riding, the Holiday, etc. It would be nice if things settled back into a semblance of what I'm silly enough to call routine.

Be safe, please.