Monday, December 1, 2014

Be Safe, Please

Still not riding.

Today there was ice. I wouldn't have rode even if the Symba was available to me. I did get out for a ride yesterday on the Kymco. Yesterday it was 72F/22C . Today I had to clear an eighth of an inch of ice off my car windows.

The long Thanksgiving Day weekend brought more than its share of bad news.

First an update on the deputy who was injured when his house caught on fire. He died early Tuesday morning. I don't have an update on his wife.

And my blog world is smaller. Siobahn over at Scoot Commute was killed in an automobile accident the day before Thanksgiving. This woman rode in some of the most unbelievable conditions, conditions that made my hair curl. I'm in total shock. I thought about her today as I drove to work in conditions I know she has ridden in before. I can't say I was anymore careful, but I was certainly mindful of the fragility of life and perhaps a wee bit more grateful for making it to work unscathed. I will miss her posts. Her boyfriend of a number of years is talking of keeping the blog going.

I suspect I won't be riding for the rest of the week. It is a combination of weather and after work obligations for which the car will just work best.

This has been a very strange time with the deaths, the demonstrations, not riding, the Holiday, etc. It would be nice if things settled back into a semblance of what I'm silly enough to call routine.

Be safe, please.


  1. Oh, Keith. This is such a sad post. I used to peek in on the Scoot Commute now and then when I was riding my Met. I'm so sorry for those who knew and loved her.

    These things are enough to shake anyone and I'm glad you have not been riding. The mind wanders in times like this and concentration is compromised.

    You stay safe, too. On two or four.

  2. So much sadness in such a short amount of time.

    Hopefully you have been able to take time for yourself to process things.


  3. Truly a lot of sadness in a short time. Just goes to reinforce the point for me: enjoy life now, you may not make it to retirement....

  4. I'm so sad to hear about Siobahn. I loved her blog and riding style. Also my condolences on the loss of your deputy rider.

  5. Keith, so sorry to hear about Siobahn and the deputy. For you I hope that things return to normal. Normal isn't mundane, it is peaceful, it is calm, it is wonderful. Take care.

  6. Hi Keith ,
    i have not been blogging much of late..... a while back i checked in with this loop of mates and found Bob had left us i found out another has gone ...Why!
    take great are my friend!
    kindest regards

  7. So sorry...what tragedies close together. Thanks for letting us know...