Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cute Isn't It?

Yes, I rode to work today.

Goldilocks and I are back from our long weekend. And while we were away Billie, my Symba, went trick or treating. She got one treat for sure and maybe one trick.

The mirrors on the Symba have always been functional, but more than half the lens has been taken up by a nice view of my arms. Frankly, I already knew they were there. I asked Mike at Maplewood Scooter Company if he could get me something to extent the mirrors out some. He used some old wrenches to fashion a custom extension. When I picked up the bike he warned me he wasn't certain his solution was the answer. It does get me out of the rear view, but there is a lot of shaking going on. After riding today I've not decided if this farkle is a trick or a treat. But, the other farkle is definitely a treat.

Hot Grips! Yep, after riding the last two winters without heated grips I have succumbed. I purposely wore lighter gloves this morning and ran the grips. I likey.

With the temperatures expected to top 70F today I wasn't surprised to see lots of bikes out and about.

This beauty was parked on the sidewalk by the Civil Courthouse. I would be concerned about getting a ticket if I did such a thing, but this rider doesn't seem concerned. This isn't the first time I've seen it parked in this spot.
This little beast could park anywhere, but the rider parked on the street. 
And of course, the motorcycle parking area was full.

I got a phone call at work today. This is very unusual. I seldom get calls at work. Truthfully, I seldom get phone calls period and I ain't complaining. It was a Deputy Sheriff. He'd gotten my name from the facility manager. It seems the Deputy bought a Vespa last Friday and rode it to work today for the first time. He planned to park it in the parking area. He had his parking sticker on it and thought he'd be all set. Then he ran into a problem. With all the bikes in the lot he couldn't figure out a way to chain his scoot up to one of the posts. Being a resourceful young man he did manage to figure something out, but wanted to make sure what he did was okay with me since he was using part of my solution to the same problem.

First he backed his Vespa in next to my Symba.
And, then . . . . . cute isn't it?
  • 50F/10C and clear for the ride to work.
  • 72F/22C and a few clouds for the ride home.

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