Tuesday, December 27, 2011

First Snow

Yes, I rode to work today.

When I got up and looked out the window I was surprised to see so much white stuff on the ground and on the cars. There was snow in the forecast, but I wasn't expecting so much of it to stick.

It really wasn't much of a snow, but it definitely qualifies as the first of the season.

The roads weren't slippery. They were just slushy. By 10am all the snow had melted.
I rode home on dry roads.
  • 34F/ with a very fine mist and an occasional snowflake for the ride to work.
  • 43F/ and dark for the ride home.


  1. No snow yet in our neck of the woods. And I don't need to see it here any time soon. Ride carefully on the slippery stuff.

  2. Glad you could ride. No snow in North Texas, but when it does snow, I don't ride. Crazy folks down here panic and slide all over the place.

  3. Sonja: You have that "Slippery when Frosty" thing don't you? I don't like that condition one bit. It really was pretty much rainy conditions. It was above freezing and the ground was still warm. Still any condition can get you, so care is called for.

    Be safe and there is no reason to ride when you don't feel safe.

    Thanks for the comment,

  4. Motoroz: I lived in Oklahoma for awhile and while I would never confuse Texas and Oklahoma, still I'm pretty sure I know what you mean about folks panicking when it snows there. Actually, folks here are pretty silly about snow as well. Yesterday was really "white rain." I'm not one to ride in the real snow . . . well, not to work anyway.

    Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it.