Thursday, December 15, 2011

This Is Pretty Cool

Yes, I rode to work today.

But, I didn't ride to work first thing this morning. I had some business to attend to and didn't ride in until around noon. By then the sky had cleared and the sun made an appearance for the first time in what seems like days.

The next street over from where I live really gets into decorating for Christmas. It has become a destination for folks from all around the area. They come and drive through "Candy Cane Lane." Others park and walk. This year they have added a sand sculpture. I'd wondered how it had fared through the rains. Apparently, not well. Today I rode out that way when heading to work and spied the artist reworking his creation.

I decided after work I was going to walk over and check out the finished product.

When I came out after work I had a surprise waiting me.

There was a new to me scooter parked in the lot. After I'd geared up I heard someone calling my name. It was Deputy D. He has a new to him Piaggio Fly 150. It didn't take him long to "step up". We chatted for a little while and then we left together. He tagged along with me for a while. It was kind of fun to look in the mirrors and see him following.

When I got home I followed through and went over to Candy Cane Lane to check on Santa.

Can you see Santa? There is now a canopy, tent, or pavilion over it. I suppose to protect it from any more rain we might have.
I'm not big on Christmas decorations, but I have to say this is pretty cool.

  • 44F/7C with sun for the ride to work.
  • 37F/3C and dark for the ride home.


  1. SOme people are just so sculpture would just be a pile of sand!

  2. Roger: So would mine. Yep, just a big pile of sand. I was really impressed with it.

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. I've seen pictures of sand sculptures but never saw one up close. Do you what the artist treats the sand with to make it sculpable? Thanks for posting that.

  4. David: I think just water to make it workable, but I wonder if there is something sprayed on it that stabilizes it after he is done and it dries. I, also, wondered if it is a special kind of sand. Sorry, more questions than answers.