Friday, January 13, 2012

Not Clear Enough

Nope, I didn't ride to work today.

The major roads were mostly clear this morning, but not clear enough to ride.
At lunchtime a flurry brought the first big flakes of the season.
I received the critical conk on my noggin at the end of summer. Being someone who actually looks forward to winter and snow, you can imagine my surprise and desolation at the discovery I could no longer see when it snowed big fluffy flakes. We couldn't figure out why. My best guess is I would fixate on one flake and lose the horizon and then seize up.

Serendipity struck one day when I happened to be wearing yellow lenses while inline skating. I got caught in a snow shower . . . a snow shower like the one during lunchtime today. With the yellow lens I could see even though it was snowing flakes the size of bear paws. Now I wear yellow tinted glasses around the clock and year around.

Why do yellow lens make a difference? Don't know, but they do. Is it all in my head? Undoubtedly . . . and, I am ever so grateful.

  • 17F/-8C and cloudy when I drove to work.
  • 20F/-7C and a few clouds for the drive home.

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