Friday, February 10, 2012


Yes, I rode to work today.

When I went to go online this morning I was greeted with a message telling me the network was down. Oh joy. I have become rather dependent on NOAA and to help me decide about whether to ride or not. Fortunately the network came back up and I was able to check the forecasts. It said light drizzle and snow flurries for the morning ride with temperatures well above freezing. Oh dear, what to wear?
I went with the lovely hi-vis yellow rain jacket and the orange lobster claw rain gloves. Probably didn't need them, but making a fashion statement is its own reward.

There is a cold front on its way. This weekend we are looking forward to probably the coldest days of this season.

It was beginning to cool off by the time I left work. It was lightly snowing. It wasn't doing much but enough to leave a calling card on my seat.
On the ride home, the cold front was rolling in from the West. And, while the temperature had dropped to below freezing the roads were still warm enough to keep the threat of black ice at bay.
When I got home I was plenty ready to be there.
I'm looking at a three day weekend which just may include our first real snow. Lovely.
  • 37F/ with a light mist and an occasional snowflake for the ride to work.
  • 30 F/ with a very fine snow for the ride home.