Tuesday, February 14, 2012

There Is Talk

No, I didn't ride to work today.

There was snow and the ground.

And on my car.

It was a wet snow. It was 34F/1C at 0650CST. It was perfect snowman and snowball weather. As I cleaned off my car I had one of those "Eureka!" moments. If I would have had Gore-Tex gloves when I was a kid I might never have gone back inside when the snow was like it was this morning. I remembered how with the gloves I wore as a kid after the third snowball my hands would be already wet and cold. This morning I pushed the snow off my car with my waterproof Gore-Tex gloves. I didn't even bother with the srcapper. My hands stayed dry and warm. It was wonderful.

The temperatures were forecast to rise to 40F/4C by afternoon. I could see no reason to doubt it. Once out the the neighborhood I suspected the roads would be wet and soaked with chemicals.

And, they were.

By evening I suspected they would be as dry as a bone.

And, they were.

There was absolutely no reason for me not to ride to work this morning, but something just didn't feel right. I trusted that feeling. Miss Billie got the day off.

No one else rode today. The parking area was empty.

By lunchtime the sun was shinning.

It was still clear this evening, but there is talk of thunderstorms tomorrow.

  • 34F/1C and overcast for the morning drive to work.
  • 40F/4C with a few clouds for the drive home.

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  1. Ummm. Thunderstorms. I love thunderstorms. Not so much in tornadoland, though. Hope this isn't the start of a wild spring. Take care.