Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Nice Long Weekend

Yes, I rode to work today.

It is my Friday. Yes, Friday is coming early this week. It seems I have maxed out on my vacation days and must use some up. Of course, the forecast is for rain the next two days. It has been nearly perfect riding weather the last three days. And, where have I been? Inside.

Actually, the weather forecast for the next couple of days is more springlike than the weather we have been having. I suspect the Symba won't find itself locked in the garage the whole time.

Earplugs. I was convinced from early on wearing earplugs was a good idea. The problem was I couldn't seem to find any that worked for me. I now have and they are a wonderful thing. (Click here for info) But, I now have a problem. I keep forgetting to turn off the turn signals. I never realized how much I depended on the sound of the turn signals to remember to turn them off. I hate it when I come up behind a car at a stop and see the reflection of my turn signal flashing back at me. I'm working on burning it into my brain to push the damn button after every turn. There are enough risks involved with riding a small displacement beast, I really don't want to add to them by inappropriate signaling.

Be safe and remember to turn off your turn signals.
  • 70F/21C with plenty of clouds for the ride to work
  • 79F/26C and overcast for the ride home.


  1. Beautiful tulips. I love city gardens.

    My new helmet is quieter and I noticed that I didn't hear the signal as well. I don't seem to think I need ear plugs, but then I don't go over 40mph.

  2. I don't notice the wind and engine noise as much in my Modular helmet as I do with the MotoX helmet. Now, tho' I'd rather have the earplugs in even with the GMax Helmet.