Thursday, March 1, 2012

"Stop that!" She Said

Yes, I rode to work today.

Weather wise, today was much like yesterday, with the exception of the wind. It was almost calm on my ride to work this morning. By the afternoon the wind had picked back up, but nothing like yesterday. Today March was a lamb, but tomorrow the forecasters are saying a lion may appear.

I'm a gear-up guy. I've even been known to wear a back protector. There is an interaction I have pretty often with people that still surprises me when it happens. Here's the scene: I am wearing riding pants, a touring coat, boots, and carrying a helmet in my hand while walking to my ride. A person says to me, "Do you have a motorcycle?" It happened to me once again today. There is a deputy who I've known for much of my time at the Courts. She worked security in the Civil Courts Building. With my desk being in the Carnahan Courthouse, she had never seen me in my gear. A couple of days ago she was moved to Carnahan security. Today as I'm leaving work she says to me, "Do you have a motorcycle?" This is at least the second time, maybe the third that I've exited past her new duty station all geared up.

I said something smart, "No, I just dress this way to look like I have a motorcycle." 

She rolled her eyes at me, "Stop that," she said and added, "It occurred to me last night after you were out the door that you were dressed like you had a motorcycle. Sometimes I can be a little slow."

Is it just me, or is there something very wrong with this story?

Oh well.
  • 37F/ and clear as a bell for the ride to work.
  • 65F/ and fair for the ride home.


  1. Cute story. Reminds me of the time someone said that to me and I said, "No, I have a scooter." :^I

  2. Wearing the right gear is really important. When I look at recent pictures on of the gear worn by experienced riders who have suffered relatively low speed falls (in one case a diesel spill at an intersection, in another a deer hit the rider, taking the rider off his Vespa), I really wonder about what riders are thinking when they venture out in jeans, street shoes, windbreakers and skimpy helmets.

    I assume that they are smarter than me and have much better plans for not coming off their bikes.

    Who cares what others think! Safer is better.

    Ride safely Keith. I envy you your weather. We're now deeply buried here.

    1. Missouri has a helmet law, but Illinois doesn't and it always surprises me when I'm in Illinois and see all the folks riding without a helmet. I wouldn't think of it. Of course, being a head injury survivor that should be no surprise.

      Bottomline is I agree with you totally, "Safer is better."

      Hopefully you'll be out from under soon and when you are, you ride safe, too.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Quality gear is vital. I gear up to ride to work also. I cringe when I see riders scooting around without protective gear.

    1. I, too, cringe when I see riders scooting around w/o gear especially shoes. There are lots of folks here that scoot in flip-flops or sandals. Good way to loose a toe.

      On a slightly other note, I'm also surprised at how many kids I see in cars not in car seats. I'd thought everyone had got that memo, but apparently not. Oh well.

      Thanks for leaving a comment. I appreciate it.