Monday, April 16, 2012

They Aren't Yellow

Yes, I rode to work today.

It was definitely breezy this morning with gust up to 30knots, but I'm not complaining. My friend Chris at Everyday Riding commented to me he might need take his Ural to work today. It seems it was snowing in the Twin Cities today. We certainly didn't have that kind of weather here today. At lunchtime I was thinking of him and snow. When I think of late snows I think of snowballs. I had no snow but I did see these in Citygarden:

I know they aren't white, but they are round and they aren't yellow :)   I don't think they'd hurt much even if I could hit him in the face with one.

Since it was just 60F/15C at lunchtime, it surprised me to see kids playing in the sprinklers.

  • 56F/13C overcast and breezy for the ride to work this morning.
  • 67F/19C with a few clouds, but lots of sunshine and no snow for the ride home.

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