Thursday, July 5, 2012

Still On Vacation

No, I didn't ride to work today.

I'm still on vacation. It is very very dry here, and it is hot. People were warned to not set off fireworks due to the high risk of fire. Most of the local firework displays were canceled. As I listened last evening, there did seem to be fewer firecrackers going off in the neighborhood, but still more than I'd hoped.

Heather and I spent the 4th of July morning hiking at Babler State Park. It was very warm but between the shade and the breeze it was more comfortable than we expected. Needless to say, we drank lots of water.

With the firework displays being canceled and the intensely dry conditions, I was pleased to notice this:

Close enough to "bombs bursting in air" for me.

I rode both Monday and Tuesday. I suspect I will ride some today. Ironically, even though I was on vacation Monday, I ended up riding to the courthouse. I left my waterproof camera on my desk when I left last Friday. Since there is no rain in sight I probably could have left it there until Monday, but I enjoyed the ride.

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