Thursday, August 2, 2012

It Wasn't Taunting Me

Yes, I rode to work today.

And, when I got to the cafe I realized I had forgotten my wallet. Some of you reading this blog know there was a time not all that long ago, this would have at the least disoriented me. More than likely it would have destroyed much of my day. Today it was just a bleep. I went out, got on the Symba, rode over to the condo, and retrieved both my wallet and my phone. Yes, I'd also forgot my phone. One thing remained forgotten. I didn't remember to pick up my camera. I hadn't realized I forgotten it until I got back to the cafe. I spent most of my life not even owning a camera. I knew I could live today without one. That said, it felt strange being camera-less.

Over the years of living into my new normal I've learned the importance of giving myself lots of time, of leaving early. Stuff like forgetting wallets happens. It is no big deal to most folks, but for me it can be cognitively devastating. Having time to recover my senses means less stress. Less stress means better cognitive function and flexibility. Fortunately for me I was raised to be early for everything. In the aftermath of the head injury being early and having a plan became my greatest asset, it also was my greatest liability, but that's another story. This morning I not only had a plan, but I had a "Plan B". I, also, had plenty of time to handle a detour, and still make it to work, settle in, and have a productive day.

Of course, being camera-less meant I missed great photo opportunities. There was a great urban water crossing caused by the flushing of a water hydrant. I'd have liked to have a photo of that. And, there was no one parked in front of the birds someone has painted on the inside of the window of a storefront that is for rent. I've been wanting to get a photo of them, but haven't been able to because of cars blocking the way, but not today. Luckily today I know not to take it personally. Life perhaps was playing with me, but it wasn't taunting me.

It didn't reach triple digits Farenheit today. This, too, was a good thing.
  • 78F/26C with a few clouds for the ride to work.
  • 91F/33C and overcast, but no rain for the home ride.


  1. Depending on the day, that wallet episode could be my point of obsession for the day. It's anxiety fallout.

    Sometimes missing a picture can be good. It sort of resets something, refreshes something. It's good to let things go, miss instead of capture.

    1. "Anxiety fallout" sounds better than emotional decomposition. It sucks whatever you call it.