Friday, December 14, 2012

The World Is What It Is

Yes, I rode to work today.

And, it seemed like another warm December day.

The sky was clear and blue.

And, then I heard the news. There had been another school shooting here in the United States of America. Last I heard there were twenty-six dead, twenty of them young school children.

Things like this effect me. I don't know if they effect me more than others, but I know they effect me, effect me deeply.

My heart hurts.

Every time I think of the murdered children I think of mine own now grown children and my heart weeps for the loss of these young lives. I can imagine what it would be like to lose my child to this violence and I tremble.

Every time I think of the murdered children I can't help but think of the parents who will forever be broken, and my heart breaks.

Tonight on the ride home there were more horns honking then normal. Perhaps it was simply the "Holiday Cheer" manifesting itself in the ways it often does this time of year, but I'd like to think it was in response to an anxious need to get home as soon as possible, to get home and hug close loved ones suddenly not taken for granted.

It is a wondrous and gracious world...and, it is a dangerous world and cruelly unfair world. The world is what it is. Please, be safe. And, take nothing and no one for granted.


  1. I learned of the days events this afternoon. It just doesn't seem such a thing can be real. Why just keeps pounding in my head, but we will probably never truly know...

    1. Working in the Courts has taught me some people live in completely different worlds than I do. The reasons people do things in many of these worlds make no sense in mine. The act in CT is an event that totally doesn't fit in the world I live in. It makes no sense in the worlds most of us live in. I wonder if we too often try to make sense, to figure out "why" someone does what they do when truthfully the act is just plain senseless. Somehow I'm sure it made sense to the shooter. If there is a "Why" maybe it is this: He lived in a different world, a world I wish hadn't exploded into the world as I, and I hope most people know it.

      Thanks for stopping by. It helps to not be alone at times like these.

  2. Can't stop thinking about this. Don't find the words to voice my shock over this tragedy. Those poor kids, the teachers... their families.

    1. My heart still hurts. I mourn even though I didn't know these folks personally. Still it hurts.

      Thanks for commenting. Company at times like these is most welcome.