Thursday, January 17, 2013

It Is In My DNA

Yes, I rode to work today.

After work I took the Symba over to Mike's for an oil change and a mid-winter once over. It was good to catch up and talk bikes with Mike for a while. Actually, he does most of the talking and I listen...and I learn. One thing I've learned is Mike views me as a rarity. As he puts it, "You take care of your stuff." I can't imagine having something and not taking care of it. Both my Grandpa and my Dad were big on preventive maintenance. I guess it is in my DNA.

Today I got an email notice announcing Aerostich's January Sale. One of the items on sale is a WINDSTOPPER jersy. I ordered it. I have been wearing something similar to it, which I pulled out of my inline skating kit. This will be nicer and more versatile. And, it will allow me to put my pullover back with my skating gear.

When I pulled up the link to show Heather what I had ordered she said, "Wow, Aerostich. So, you're going for the high end stuff now?" I reminded her it was on sale. This will be the second Aerostich product I own. I also own the Aerostich Triple Digit Rain Glove. I've been very happy with them.

Today I saw some starlings, but still no robins. The prediction for tomorrow is for even warmer temperatures than today. Actually, it is supposed to be warm all through the weekend. I'm interested to see if the warm temperatures brings out the birds again.
  • 31F/-1C with a few clouds for the ride to work.
  • 37F/3C and clear for the ride over to Mike's
  • 33F/1C and still clear for the home ride.


  1. You're like me in that I am obcessive about my bikes and scooter. I actually clean them after every ride!

    Robins here today, basking in the sun after some snow on Monday.

    Green grass, shirt sleeve weather in the park this afternoon.

    Lovely Ohio, full of surprizes.

  2. Keith, I really need a replacement for my jersey so it might be time to respond to the Aero ad. It was fun this fall to actually visit their HQ.

    Home sick today but thinking about riding....our predicted 45 Sure won't make me feel worse.