Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Streak Ends

Nope, I didn't ride to work today.

The last time I didn't ride to work because of the weather was 14 February 2012. Today was the first time I drove my car to work in nearly a year.

The temperature dropped 7degF just in the time it took me to drive to work. This was pretty much all the sun we saw. I parked in the employee parking lot which means...

I enjoyed a nice five block walk in the rain.

It was 53F/12C when I left for work this morning. It was spitting some snow flakes and 31F/-1C when I got home.

The streak well might have continued if Billie was available. She's still waiting for Mike and me to get our acts together and get her tube and tire changed out. That said, I was concerned with snow possible and with the falling temperatures the road crews might be out with the chemicals today. Unlike Billie, Isabelle isn't sprayed down with Boeshield T-9. The chemicals they spray on the road to keep them free of ice are extremely corrosive. I didn't wish to risk riding Isabelle in such a caustic soup. Also, the wind was supposed to pick up, which it did, gusting up to and over 35kt.

Even though there wasn't any ice or snow on the roads today, it still seemed a pretty good day to drive rather than ride.


  1. It was just a yucky day! The wind was just blah!

    I use to get very sad when my streaks were broke but then I learned it was an new beginning :-)

    Being in a cage to work makes me appreciate my time in the seat much more.

    1. As you know I ride to ride and not to keep any streaks going, but this one went on for so long I was worried my parking badge wouldn't work :)

      But, it did.

      Yeah, I'm ready to be riding again, but I suspect it won't be until Monday.

  2. Wow, you made it almost a year commuting by scooter. Good for you.

    1. It has been an amazing run. During the calendar year of 2012 there were only three days I didn't ride to work. Can we say climate change?

  3. A record to be very proud of, and not that far south of us really. Too often we share enough of our 'north' weather with you and the fact that you've had this streak is remarkable in my book.

    Our ice and cold wind makes riding a stiffly frozen dream.

    1. Coop,
      I'm astounded and really don't expect to repeat it. I say I don't expect to repeat, but with climate change who knows?

      I'm grateful not to have to deal with some of your temperatures. It is definitely milder here.

  4. I'm astounded by it. I don't suspect I'll repeat it. I say that, but what with climate change who knows? Maybe we are becoming the Midwestern Desert.

    I'm grateful I don't have to deal with some of the temperatures you have up your way. It is definitely milder in these parts.