Thursday, March 14, 2013


Yes, I rode to work today.

I knew it would be a stretch if we had a nice warm 30degF shift in the temperature from my morning commute to my home ride, but I hoped for one nonetheless. You can imagine my surprise and dismay when I came out at lunch and discovered it was sleeting. The good news was it was nearly 40F/4C and none of it was sticking to anything.

By mid-afternoon the sun was out.

By time for the home ride it had clouded over again.

I didn't get as big of a warm up as I hoped for, but I'm not complaining. Jim of Premeditated Living over in Wichita tells me it was in the 80F's there today and promised to send it my way. We'll see.
  • 34F/1C and overcast for the ride to work.
  • 52F/11C and partly cloudy for the home ride.

1 comment:

  1. Sure glad you didn't have to ride home in the sleet. Was nice of the weather to sleet while you were at work and be nice for the ride home. As it should be.