Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Yes, I rode to work today.

It was the first day of Spring, but it pretty much looked and felt like yesterday. If anything it might of been a little colder.

Changing buildings means a whole new set of folks asking me, "You didn't ride your motorcycle today did you?" And, when I say, "Yes, I did," comes the inevitable, "Weren't you cold?"

I think most of those who ask don't believe me when I say, "No." One Deputy responded, "Well, you do look like your dressed for it." I suspect he'll be asking me, "Aren't you hot in all that gear?" when he sees what I wear when it is 90F/ looks pretty much like what I was wearing today.

Hope Spring sprung where you are, unless of course you're upside down, in which case, I hope Summer is hanging tough.
  • 31F/-1C with a few clouds for the ride to work.
  • 35F/2C and partly cloudy for the home ride.


  1. Keith,

    Why is it that non-riders refuse to believe that we are actually comfortable and truly enjoying ourselves as we ride through the world unhindered by steel and glass walls?

    As to the springing of Spring - over here in Maine, Mother Nature dumped an eight inch white reminder that no season is determined by a mere paper calendar.


  2. It is Oregon. Spring has spring to the tune of rain and hail.

    It was chilly this morning but not raining so I have all my gear set out to ride the bike. I need to leave in about 25 minutes and it is now pouring down rain.

    What's a girl to do? Catch the bus in 10 minutes? Nope, screw it, I'm riding anyway.

    Yay Spring.

  3. Keith:

    this morning was the toughest frost to scrape off my windshield. Looked like it hailed, then froze.

    It hailed again this morning at work but now the sun is out. I won't get my bike back until tomorrow (fingers crossed)

    Riding the Wet Coast