Friday, May 3, 2013


Yes, I rode to work today.

I rode in the rain to work and I rode home in the rain. Western Missouri had some snow. I'm not upset to have missed out on snow in May.

On the way home I actually saw another scooter rider. I followed her for a couple of miles. She was riding a MotoFino 49cc, She wore a three quarter helmet. She raised the visor up at every stoplight, I suspect it was fogging up. Her gear? Jeans; boots, more dressy than work; and a regular jacket, maybe water resistant. Having had a similar experience when I first started riding I suspect I have a pretty good idea of how wet and cold she felt. I sensed she wasn't a new rider. Her helmet and scooter both were covered with stickers that had a certain patina about them. She looked the part of a scooter rider, and more importantly she rode with confidence.

I was grateful to be nice and dry and crispy warm on the inside. I hope the other rider didn't have far to go and was soon sipping a nice hot cappuccino.

It kept raining into the evening.

I suspect it will be raining when I go to bed and that it will rain all night long.

Tomorrow they say could be more of the same. Oh well, it is suppose to clear up for the start of the work week. Isn't that grand?
  • 42F/6C with rain for the ride to work.
  • 44F/7C with rain for the home ride.


  1. It is supposed to rain during the work week and clear up for the weekend. Sounds as though you may be getting the opposite.

    Glad you were warm and dry in your gear. Jeans in the rain can be no fun at all.

    1. Yes, wet jeans are a bummer. I suspect she was soaked. And cold. I whine when my gear leaks. I've become quite the whimp.