Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Two Questions

Yes, I rode to work today.

And . . .

When I checked the weather this morning and saw it was 58F/14C two questions came to mind: What month is it? And, where am I? It is August and I'm in St. Louis, but it sure felt more like Autumn than August.

When I got to work I found only one other bike in the parking area.

Of course, it was Vulcan Rider. I was running a little early this morning and thought maybe this is why there were only two of us.

But, when I went out at morning break it was still just us two. I guess it was too chilly for the other guys.

On the way home I passed a truck farm.

And some tired surprise lilies.

I, also, saw lots of bikes out after work. I guess it warmed up enough.

  • 59F/15C and sunny for the ride to work.
  • 72F/22C and sunny for the home ride.


  1. I have to agree, Keith. There is also some autumn already in the air in my neck of the woods. And I am not quite happy about it, since we only had one month of summer this year.

  2. Could it be an early winter staring at us? I'm still having flashbacks to my motel hell winter. Oh please no...

    At least I will be working and working outside and enjoying that. Winter in Madison should be fun. There's no isolation for me here.

    Not only the cooler temps, but having to get out of bed in the dark is not fun at all. It's just too soon to have this happen!

  3. You guys are welcome to take some of the heat. It seems that every day this year has been in the upper 90's (mid to high 30's for my Canadian friends). It's to HOT to ride.

    Although one thing that always surprises me is how many "fair weather" riders there are. To me, if you own the bike - ride the bike. Weather be damned.

  4. You are finally seeing the overnight lows we have had all summer.

    As I posted on Chris's blog this morning was the first morning all summer our lows were in the 60's. We've even had lows down to 48˚ then up to 95˚ during the day. An odd summer to be sure.

  5. It has certainly been an odd time. I agree Martha it seems the change of seasons is coming much too quickly this year. Yes, Brandy, things are kitty-wampus weather wise. I guess this is what we have to look forward to. Sonja, you picked quite a weather year to move back to Germany for sure.

    Mr. FLA. I ain't complainin' as much as just sayin'. I think the weather is grand, just different and with my Midwestern roots expect this is some kind of "other shoe" getting ready to drop. We will see what comes.

    Thanks everyone for commenting. Hope you all have a grand weekend.