Friday, August 30, 2013


Yes, I rode to work today.

And . . .

Another beautiful sunrise greeted me.

It also felt like August in St. Louis, finally. I never thought I would say such a thing, but it just hasn't seemed right without the "Hot". Whether it was or not, it certainly felt like the warmest day of the season.

I adjusted my route again. Tonight I rode out Gravois. As luck would have it a traffic light brought me to a stop near the business Signature Iron Works. I looked over and a man was motioning to me and yelling, "Pull in.Pull in. Pull in." I did. I, also, surprised him by saying, "I hate you!" as my first words to him. The expression on his face changed when I told him I'd heard he'd bought a Kymco People 250S just like mine at an insurance auction for a fraction of what I paid for mine.

He laughed and invited me in to see his beast. It had been wrecked, but ran great. It had been totaled by the insurance company. He has a great ride that runs great, needs just a few cosmetic pieces, and some paint to turn it into a stunner.

You may wonder how I knew about his good fortune. I know he told me he was. The other evening when I stopped in at Mike's he told me the guy from the business down the road had just been in. He told me the story. It amazes me how often serendipity smiles on me. Let's take a moment and look at all the "coincidences" conspiring to bring me to meet a new friend. There is the street construction and that I happen to stop in at Mike's shortly after D had been there. Today was an early dismissal and I was traveling by while he was open. D just happened to be looking out the door when the traffic light caused me to stop. And, of course, the biggest coincidence, I was riding Isabelle. I suspect there are others slipping my mind, but you get the idea. I have only one word for it, "Sweet."

It's a long weekend for those of us in the United States. Here, it promises to be a hot one. Will I ride? I hope so, but I have other projects demanding attention. We'll see.

Whether you are facing a Holiday or simply a weekend, may you be safe.

  • 80F/27C with some clouds and a hint of humidity for the ride to work.
  • 100F/38C with lots of sun and a heat index of 106F/41C for the home ride.


  1. 106. You got it. Summer.

    Soon I will be able to see nice sunrises as I aim east to work when the sun starts sleeping in.

  2. Happy long weekend for you. Alas, this holiday does not exist in Germany.

  3. Gorgeous sunrise.

    So good when the universe conspires to do good.